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Sugar Loaf Mountain and Guanabara Bay
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Brazil is officially known as the Federative Republic of Brazil and has a population of about 200 million.  The capital is Brasilia and the largest city is Sao Paulo.  The most popular tourist destination is Rio de Janeiro.  The Treaty of Tordesillas in 1494 divided South America between Portugal and Spain.  East of the dividing line became Brazil.  This explains why Brazil is Portuguese speaking while the rest of South America speaks Spanish.  Brazil became independent from Portugal in the 1800s.  Geographically the country is almost entirely within the drainage basin of the Amazon River.  Recently there has been concern over the rapid rate of deforestation of the rainforest in Brazil. 


Brazil has complicated Visa requirements and documentation must be obtained prior to arrival.  Those hoping to arrange an entry visa at a Brazilian airport will be more than disappointed when they are denied entry.  Many European countries do not require a visa for visits under 90 days.  Australia, Canada and the US citizens always require a tourist visa.  Requirements include presenting your original valid passport, employment letter, bank statements and proof of tax return filing in your own country.  Clearly the documentation is intended to demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that you do not intend to attempt to move permanently to Brazil.  For visas, refer to the Brazilian visa web page or to our Visa web page for online third party options.


Brazil's currency is the Real.

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