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Hotel Atlantis, Nassau, Bahamas
Hotel Atlantis

The Bahamas are a chain of hundreds of Caribbean islands southeast of Florida and north of Cuba.  They are famous for their turquoise waters.  The shallow seas cover a far greater area than the islands that make up the country.  The largest city and capital is Nassau, which is located on the island of New Providence.  It has a permanent population of under 200,000.  Paradise Island is joined by a bridge to New Providence and is the location for the famous Atlantis Hotel and its Atlantis Aquarium.  The other major city in the Bahamas is Freeport, which is located on the island referred to as Grand Bahama.

The Taino people inhabited the islands when Columbus arrived in the 1490s.  The country became a British colony in 1718 and today it is an independent nation that is also part of the British Commonwealth.  The islands are popular for the turquoise waters, the Caribbean weather and the proximity to Florida.  High temperatures from November to April average 80 F (27 C), while lows average 72 F (22 C).  Rainfall is low during this period.  The Bahamas are positioned in the Gulf Stream, making them susceptible to hurricanes from June to November.  As with most Caribbean islands, the Bahamas are extremely popular from December to April with tourism peaking at Christmas and spring break.


Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau, Bahamas

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A Visit to Nassau with Tim Anderson
Our first stop on our cruise was Nassau in the Bahamas and it’s the most foreign port on the itinerary, so it gives you a terrific vacation effect.  We skipped the cruise ship tour package and took a self guided tour by taxi to the famous Atlantis hotel, where celebrities like Michael Jordan rent the Bridge Suite for $25,000 per day.  The hotel has a gigantic outdoor saltwater aquarium with thick glass sides which allows viewing from inside the hotel.  Scuba divers feed fish, including manta rays.  This hotel is truly amazing.

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