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Flam ferries, Norway
Flam ferries, © Can Stock Photo / Leaf

Flam is a popular destination on Aurlansfjord, an arm of Songefjord.  Its name in Norse is "flat land".  Flam has become a standard port of call for cruise ships visiting the Norwegian fjords.


The long days of the Norwegian summer from May to September are the best time to visit this area.  It never gets very warm at this latitude though.  July and August are the warmest months with average highs of 61 F (16 C) and average lows of 45 F (7 C).  In the winter months from December - February, average highs are 28 F (-2 C) and average lows are 16 F (-9 C).  Precipitation is spread fairly evenly over the year, but is slightly higher in July and August.  Many attractions are closed for the off season.


Flam can be reached by:

  • The Flam Railway from Myrdal.  This is a popular tourist route.  The Bergen Railway on the NSB (Norway State Railways) reaches the Myrdal junction from either Oslo or Bergen.

  • By car from the west through Voss and the Gadvanga Tunnel or from the east through Aurland.

  • By ferry from Bergen for 4 hours to Balestrand and then 1.5 hours to Flam with Norled.

  • By ocean cruise liner from the UK, Amsterdam or Copenhagen.

  • As an alternate to a cruise ship visit, try Songefjord in a Nutshell.

Borgund Stave Church, Laerdal

Borgund Stave Church, © Can Stock Photo / phbcz

Attractions in Flam:

Things to see and do:

  • Flamsbana (The Flam Railway) - climb nearly 3,000 feet in 12 miles to Myrdal Station.  It takes an hour to ascend.  The train stops at Kjosfoss Waterfall along the way.  Join the main line and head through the Gravhalsen Tunnel and on to Voss. Then take a bus, stopping at the Tvinde Waterfall and the Stalheim Hotel, overlooking the Nærøy Valley.  Bus down the switchbacks of the Stalheimskleivane—the steepest road in Norway, to Gudvangen on Nærøyfjord, throught the Gudvanga Tunnel and back to Flam.

  • Visit the village of Lærdal, passing through the 15 mile long Laerdal Tunnel. The village has 160 protected 18th-century buildings, including the Borgund Stave Church, built from wood in the 1100s.

  • Travel to the village of Aurland and the Stegastein Lookout.  Or visit Osterbo Mountain Farm.

  • Take a Fjord Safari for a trip on the Aurlandsfjord and the Naeroyfjord.  The Naeroyfjord is the narrowest fjord in the world and is a World Heritage site.

  • Visit Otternes, a heritage site of 27 buildings dating back to the 1600's that 4 Norwegian families once lived in. 

Jostedal Glacier, Jostedalsbreen National Park, Norway

Jostedal Glacier, © Can Stock Photo / gophoto

  • Flåm Railway Museum & Documentation Centre - next to the railway station, with free admission.

  • Flåm Panorama shows the film "Living with the fjord" every half hour.

  • Flam Church - wooden church built in 1667 and located 3 km up the Flam River from the harbor.

  • Kayak on Aurlandsfjord

  • Bike the Rallarvegen road between Flåm and Finse.

  • Ferry to Balestrand and dine along the water at the majestic Kviknes Hotel.

  • Take a day trip to Solvorn or continue north even farther to Jostedalsbreen National Park to see the largest glacier in Europe.  The word "breen" in Norwegian means "glacier".  The Jostedal Glacier has more than 40 arms, including the Briksdalsbreen (more easily accessed from Olden, Norway) and the Nigardsbreen.  Visit the Jostedal Museum and then take a Family Walk or a Blue Ice Walk on the Nigardsbreen with Jostedalen Breførarlag.

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