Take That Vacation - Travel Quizzes:

These quizzes generate different questions every time you try them.

  1. World Travel Quiz - Identify locations that Take That Vacation has visited.

  2. Tim the Traveler Quiz - Identify locations that our founder has been.

  3. Tracie the Traveler Quiz - Identify locations that our primary traveler has been.

  4. US State Capitals Quiz - You'll need a score of 10 out of 10 to master this quiz on a topic that many school students memorize.

  5. Canadian Provincial and Territorial Capitals Quiz - "Canajun", eh?

Need more travel quizzes?

  • Flags of the World from Quizlet.  Here's a great test of your knowledge of flags from around the world. It may be a little challenging at first. There are nearly 200 to learn.
  • Capitals of the World from Quizlet.  The maps with this quiz makes it easier to learn.