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Do I Need Insurance?  We highly recommend travel insurance for several reasons:

  • Trip Cancellation can save you the cost of your entire vacation if you get sick, a family member becomes ill and you can't travel or something like a volcanic eruption prevents you from reaching your embarkation port.

  • Trip Interruption can save you the expense of flight delays, illness during travel or returning from your vacation early due to an emergency.

  • Extended Medical Benefits cover the additional costs of medical treatment and hospitalization.  Physician costs can be extremely costly in foreign countries and aren't typically covered by regular medical insurance plans.

Cruise Lines and online travel companies provide their own insurance but this is restricted to trip cancellation and interruption.

Cruise lines are also beginning to offer Cancel For Any Reason insurance which is more flexible than commercial policies.  Under CFAR you could cancel simply because you don't feel like going any more.

Many employers have insurance plans where employees can purchase travel insurance.  The American Automobile Association and is a reputable source for those who don't have easy access through an existing plan.