Hadzabe men, the hunters Hadzabe women and home Hadzabe women, the gathereres Hadzabe home. In the rainy season they move to caves.
Hadzabe women Hadzabe women Hadzabe men.  Starting a fire with a wooden stick. Hadzabe men
Hadzabe men smoking dope for breakfast. Hadzabe men hunting Hadzabe men Viki close on the heels of the hunters.
Hadzabe men hunting Hadzabe hunting Hadzabe hunting Smoke break during the hunt - fire made by rubbing sticks
Hadzabe hunt - Sesame Street time - one of these things is not like the others! Hadzabe men building a fire Hadzabe men hunting Hadzabe hunt, scars all over his back.
A cool refreshing drink. Dung beetle Getting the bows and arrows ready for the tourists Target practice
Target practice Target practice Target practice Hadzabe women watch the tourists
Hadzabe women watch the tourists Hadzabe dancing and singing Dancing with the tourists Hadzabe beads for sale
Hadzabe beads for sale Panic as each Hadzabe scrambles to ensure the maker is paid for the items chosen by the tourists. Hadzabe beads for sale