Favorite Signs

Ephesus, Turkey Mosquito warning, Yukon, Canada Cassowary sign in the Daintree Rainforest of Queensland, Australia (c) Can Stock Photo Inc. / Wirepec Malaysia, this is a rating for the toilet, not the restaurant
Japan Don't use the water spray on your head or your feet! - Cambodia Bankok Airport - special boarding privleges for monks Bagan Airport - this is their boarding call procedure.
Chamonix, France Don't stand on the Moai, Easter Island Neuschwanstein, Germany Neuschwanstein, Germany
Garmisch, Germany Paris, France Malaysia Iguazu Falls, Argentina side
Malaysia Malaysia Riviera Maya Morocco
Morocco.  Cattle in the Sahara desert?  Really? Morocco.  Sand warning. Elephant Pricing - Vietnam Throw your hand grenade! - South Korea
Yukon Territory, Canada Camel warning, Dubai (c) Can Stock Photo Inc. / monkeybusiness Polar bear warning, Svalbard, Norway (c) Can Stock Photo Inc. / AchimHB Falkland Islands, active mine area
Rabat, Morocco Kangaroo warning sign in front of Ayers Rock in the Australian outback (c) Can Stock Photo Inc. / sumners Sonora Pass near Yosemite, California, USA Minion Crossing - Universal Studios, Florida, USA
China China Bora Bora Shoe Check Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi
Hump Ahead, Dubai Dubai Duck Crossing, Victoria, Canada "The Direction" from Venice hotel