South Gate, Jarash Hadrian's Arch Hardian's Arch inscription Approaching the South Gate, Jarash
Oval Plaza Oval Plaza colonnades Colonnaded Street Colonnaded Street, Cardo
Jarash Southern Amphitheater, Jarash Southern Theater seating Southern Amphitheater
Southern Amphitheatre, Jarash Northern Amphitheatre Hadrian's Arch and the Temple of Zeus Temple of Artemis
Temple of Zeus, Jarash Temple of Artemis Nymphaeum, Roman baths, Jarash Intersection of South Decumanus and Colonnaded Street
Temple of Artemis from the Hippodrome Three Churches mosaic Mosaic at the Atrium of the Three Churches Jarash Mosaic
Jacaranda Tree, Jarash Fruit for sale at Jarash ruins