Koblenz, Germany, Wikipedia Commons Mosel River by Koblenz, Germany with the Liebfrauenkirche and Florinkirche © philipus - Fotolia.com Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, Koblenz, Germany © Eve - Fotolia.com Deutsches Eck from the Fortress
Deutsches Eck, Koblenz Deutsches Eck in Koblenz © Tatjana Balzer - Fotolia.com Deutsches Eck, Koblenz, Germany © Jo Chambers - Fotolia.com The Deutsches Eck (German Corner) with the statue of German Unity and William the Great in Koblenz. Located at the confluence of the rivers Rhine and Mosel, © Jo Chambers - Fotolia.com
Monument to Emperor William I Kastor Church, Koblenz, Germany © Bernd Kröger - Fotolia.com Castor's Church Kastorkirche
Ludwig Museum, Koblenz Munzplatz and the Church of Our Lady, Liebfrauenkirche Liebfrauenkirche Jesuit Church, Koblenz, Germany © Bernd Kröger - Fotolia.com
Jesuitenplatz, Koblenz City Hall and Jesuit Square Spitting Boy Fountain, Koblenz Four Towers, Koblenz, Germany © europhotos - Fotolia.com
Four Corners, Koblenz Alte Burg, Koblenz Altes Kaufhaus, Koblenz Florin's Church
Electoral Palace, Koblenz Higher Regional Court Rhine day cruise at Koblenz Memorial to Victims of the Third Reich
Görres Platz, Koblenz Forum Mittlerhein, Koblenz Ehrenbreitstein Fortress from the Mosel Ehrenbreitstein Fortress from the Rhine
Pegelhaus Restaurant, a Rhine crane Weindorf Restaurant